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  • Tiab Controller - beautifully simple

    Tiab Controllers

    A tidy box of electronics that can control any test rig.

  • Tiab Base-Level Main Front Panel

    Software – Base Level Software

    The User Interface software runs on the standard PC. This provides the friendly interface in a familiar Windows style.

  • Tiab 8 Channel Card Nest

    Card Nests

    High precision conditioning as near as possible to the transducers with the robust 4 & 8 Channel Card Nests.

  • Software – Bespoke

    The innovative design of Tiab software allows bespoke front-end software to be easily written for even the most complex tests.

  • Tiab Incher

    Tiab Incher

    The Tiab incher can independently control a single, or up to sixteen control inputs.

  • Tiab Bespoke Customer Loom

    Looms and Junction boxes

    Tiab provide a range of junction (breakout) boxes, standard looms or ones wired to specific customer requirements.

  • Emergency stop & safety circuits

    Tiab provide a comprehensive selection of emergency stop and safety locks options designed to international machine safety standards.

  • Tiab 24V Power Supply

    Power Supplies

    Robust 24V Power supplies rated at 5A that suit a Tiab Controller controlling from a single to four axes test rig.

  • Software – Testing Modules

    These provide more advanced test functionality

  • Software – Test Sequencer

    Complete test sequences can be automated using the Tiab Sequencer, with Technician and Engineer modes governing the level of user control.