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  • Applications List

    Tiab controllers have been successfully used in all the following industries and applications.

  • Tiab Controller - beautifully simple

    Controller Upgrades

    You no longer have to be tied to a single supplier for your test rig. The controllers are no longer a black box and you can start to use the whole rig more effectively.

  • Dynamic Seat Belt Testing

    Tiab are at the forefront of technical developments on dynamic seat belt testing.

  • Tiab Seat Belt Anchorage Test Rig Upgrade

    Seat Belt Anchorage

    Tiab are the largest supplier of Seat Belt Anchorage test systems in the UK – with live streaming of data straight to PC memory for safe capture and also displayed as a test progresses.

  • Tiab 6 axis Cartilage Test Stand

    Multi-axis Cartilage Test Stand

    Six axes of motion control provide scanning and characterisation of complete joint surfaces to sub-micron accuracy.

  • Tiab Aerospace 6 axis Spline Test Rig

    Multi-Axis Component Testing

    The ability to readily expand to multi-axis control is a key benefit of Tiab controllers with the power and flexibility to simplify the hardest task.

  • Tiab Electric Test Rig Upgrade

    Single Axis Test Rigs – Electric

    Material test and load cell calibration test stands.

  • Tiab Single Axis Hydraulic Test Rig Upgrades

    Single Axis Test Rigs – Hydraulic

    Increase the power, flexibility and use of any single axis test frame.

  • Tiab - Corrosion Fatigue Rig

    Single Axis Test Rigs – Material Testing

    Tiab materials test software modules include Fatigue, J testing, Crack Growth, Creep, CTOD and Tensile testing.

  • Vehicle Four Poster

    The Tiab Controllers are equally at home with hydraulic or modern direct drive electric actuators.