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Test rig controllers 

Tiab manufacture a unique controller for all electric and hydraulic test rigs. They are ideal to ;

  • Control any new test rig
  • Upgrade existing systems
  • Use as R&D controllers 
  • Get systems back into use, with modern electronics and software

Their uniqueness lies in the ease they can be refined to your EXACT testing requirements. We do not offer  the customary  ”generic solution”. We offer a robust Base-LevelTM platform that the customer controls. The design ensures they are simple to maintain, support and develop.  

Our customers describe Tiab products and services as “a breath of fresh air through the whole testing industry“. Testimonials

Tiab further offer experienced technical support in test rig control, actuation (hydraulic, electric and pneumatic), transducers, machine safety and calibration (static and dynamic).

Tiab - “putting the common sense, productivity, enjoyment and brains back into testing”.

Tiab Controller - beautifully simple Tiab Controller with fitted Card Nest